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Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance

Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance

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schedule annual furnace maintenance to keep you warm

We all go for yearly check-ups with our general physician. This is where our doctor sees how we feel, checks for any health problems, and runs tests to ensure our bodies are functioning properly. Well, your furnace needs the same treatment each year from a professional heating technician. Scheduling annual furnace maintenance is the chance to catch any issues with your heating system and ensure its at peak performance for the Buck’s County winter. When you schedule a furnace maintenance appointment with McHales, you can rest assured knowing our technicians are looking out for your family’s safety and comfort this year. Don’t let a furnace issue catch you out in the cold! Furnace maintenance ensures you’ll have a toasty furnace all season long. 


Six benefits of furnace maintenance include:


1. Improved efficiency.

An efficient furnace saves you money on your heating bills, and the main culprit in furnace’s running inefficiently is the air filter. After a year of hard work, your filter is full of dust and in need of replacement. A clogged filter puts stress on your furnace causing it to pass air inefficiently or be unable to pass air at all. This disruption in air flow makes your furnace work harder, which costs you money. When you change the filter regularly, it will decrease your bills and give you peace of mind that clean air is being sent into your home.

2. Know you’ll have a warm home this winter.

When you call McHales to come and inspect your furnace, you can rest easy knowing our home will be heated for the rest of the year. All of our technicians are fully licensed and keep up to date with training. If they see any cracks, failing parts, or soot build-up, they will address these issues with you. After a maintenance appointment with one of our technicians, your furnace will be in the best possible shape to run all year.

3. Keep your furnace in warranty.

Some furnaces will only stay under their warranty if you provide annual maintenance. Read the warranty agreement for your furnace closely and see if the company only covers repairs with annual maintenance. You do not want to be stuck paying for a repair that could have been covered.

4. Prolong the life of your system.

When your furnace is running with clogged filters and failing parts, it is not going to work as long. Old belts and corroded heating elements can turn into the type of damage that is past the point of repair. This can leave you to book a full furnace replacement in the middle of winter. By scheduling annual maintenance you are giving your furnace the best chance to have a long lifespan.

5. Catch breakdowns before they happen. 

It’s easy to think having a newer furnace means you can skip a maintenance check. Even if you have a new heating system, getting annual furnace maintenance should be on your list. The way to keep all furnaces running, and avoid calling for emergency repairs, is catching problems before they develop into major issues. We can spot early failure of parts and detect leaks or cracks before they turn into irreparable damage.

6. Decrease health risks for your family.

Furnaces can have potential health risks for your family if left unchecked. Cracks or leaks can release carbon monoxide into the air which is an odorless, colorless gas that is poisonous. Air filters that are not clean can expose you to contaminants that wouldn’t pass through a clean filter. By scheduling maintenance with McHales, you will feel comforted knowing you’ve taken care of your family and their health.


Why Choose McHales Inc.?

We have been trusted for over 60 years to protect the heating comfort of families in Bucks County and surrounding areas. Our technicians are licensed to handle any heating issues you may have. If your furnace is worth saving, we will do everything to get it into the best working order. We never recommend a service without fully examining the issue.  


With a maintenance appointment from McHales, you can trust that our technicians inspect every part of your furnace looking for these potential issues. We provide timely, professional service and will ensure your furnace is ready to tackle this Bucks County winter. Don’t wait to schedule, call us today at (215) 493-3399!

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