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Automatic Standby Generators: What You Need to Know

Automatic Standby Generators: What You Need to Know

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Automatic standby generators are ideal for areas prone to outages. Lugging a portable generator can be tiring, and perishables could be lost if you’re away during an outage. Opt for automatic standby generators instead of portable or battery-operated alternatives. How exactly does an automatic backup generator work in those kinds of scenarios? Here’s what happens when the power goes out and your automatic standby generator kicks in:

1. Utility Power Goes Out

As detailed above, a power outage can happen for a variety of reasons. Components that comprise your area’s electrical system can fail due to age or extraneous factors, categorized as equipment failure. Animals can find their way into fuse boxes and transformers, which can cause shortages or equipment failure as well. Bad weather can knock trees or other large object into power lines, or build ice on equipment overtime. If it isn’t obvious by now, there are too many extraneous factors to count that come into play when considering why exactly power outages occur. All you can do is be adequately prepared to react when one happens, which an automatic standby generator can help with. 

2. The Automatic Standby Generator Senses an Issue

Electrically sensitive indicators within the automatic generator will immediately pick up on the lack of power being provided to your house. This is done through various connections to your fuse box and regular power supply. Once the generator picks up on the issue, within seconds it will prepare itself for activation. This eliminates any risk of your house not being powered while you’re away and losing any perishables that need electricity, in the fridge or likewise. This also eliminates the need, if you are home, to run out to the garage and lug a portable generator to wherever you plan on giving power. The automatic standby generator takes care of all the legwork and stress for you.

3. The Generator Powers On Automatically

No matter where you are, home or away, the generator will power on all by itself. Whether you’re sitting on the couch with the family watching your favorite series or across the country visiting some old friends, you do not need to lift a finger when your power goes out. It only takes a few seconds once the generator has noticed a power failure to get up to speed and generate electricity for your home. There is no button or manual lawn mower starter that needs to be accessed immediately upon outage. Just sit back, listen for the hum of the generator to kick in, and let the automatic magic happen.

4. Electricity is Restored to Your Home

Once the generator has taken a few seconds to recognize the issue and turn itself on, it will automatically begin supplying electricity your home. This is done via an automatic transfer switch that allows the generator to send power directly to your home. Your perishables will not perish, your cat will continue getting fed by that automatic feeder you installed right before you left, and operations will continue as if nothing had happened. If you’re home with the family, you’ll only have missed a few seconds of that beloved program, and family bonding can continue uninterrupted. The stress of an outage power failure has now been completely eliminated from the equation.

5. When No Longer Needed, It Will Power Itself Off

The generator will continue to function all the way up until utility power has been restored to your location. It will automatically detect this as well, so when we say not a finger needs to be lifted, we mean it. The moment that the power in your are has been restored, the automatic standby generator recognizes it and will shut off automatically, no questions asked. If the power were to be disrupted again for whatever reason, there are plenty, then the generator would be ready once again to power on and aid your house and family immediately.

A standby automatic generator truly eliminates all headache involved with the power outage reaction process. The only factor you now need to worry about it maintaining that generator, just as you would any car engine. Corrosion checks, regular cleanings, and filter replacement will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your generator and it will not quit on you for years to come. The convenience and speed at which it works makes this type of generator a must-have for anyone who is constantly being affected by blackouts or power outages due to the powers that be. Your safety and reassurance is the number one priority. You can count on an automatic standby generator to provide both of those factors to you whenever the lights go out, regardless of where you are.

Be Ready For an Emergency – Why a Generator can be one of your best investments

There may be nothing more annoying and inconvenient than a power outage. Lost work time, spoiled food, loss of heat. These things are all consequences that home and business owners face when the electricity unexpectedly goes out.  There is a solution to these problems, and investing in a backup generator is that solution. Although these generator systems aren’t cheap, even if you just purchase a portable generator, they are a great investment.

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