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Ask a Newtown Plumber: 3 Drain Cleaning Tips for the Summer

Ask a Newtown Plumber: 3 Drain Cleaning Tips for the Summer

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If, like so many of us homeowners, you’re taking advantage of the mild weather to get your home in good shape after the harsh winter, your trusted plumber in Newton has some useful drain cleaning tips that will help keep your plumbing system in good shape. After all, it’s only logical that if you make sure your pipes are clean, you greatly reduce the chances of having to deal with a blocked pipe or overflowing toilet.  Don’t spend your summer worrying about faulty plumbing in your Newtown home – instead, let McHale’s worry about for you so you can enjoy all that Bucks County has to offer.

3 Drain Cleaning Tips

Your home’s drains lead wastewater away from your pipe system and into the municipal sewer system. However, wastewater isn’t nice, clean H2O. Instead, it’s usually full of other substances such as detergents, sanitary products, food and other organic waste. These other substances can cause blockages in the pipes, causing the drain to back up and leaving you to deal with standing water in sinks, baths or toilets. What’s more; water itself can contain minerals that cause a build-up of sediment along the inside of the pipes, reducing the space available for the wastewater to pass through. Combine both of these problems, and it’s easy to see why you need to clean your drains regularly. What follows are 3 drain cleaning tips:

  1. Routine drain cleaning: Even if the drain’s not blocked, it’s a good idea to perform a routine drain cleaning in sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a kettle of hot water. When all the water has drained away, add another kettle of water. Then rinse the drain with cold water before using.
  2. Chemical drain cleaner: If water isn’t draining quickly enough or not at all, purchase some chemical drain cleaner. Follow all instructions to the letter to clean the drain of blockages and sediment build up.
  3. Snake: Carefully insert a snake into the drain until it meets resistance. This indicates a clog. Gently hook the clog and pull it slowly out of the drain, then clean the debris off the snake. Repeat as needed until the drain is clear, then rinse with cold water.

If you have a blocked drain and none of these methods work, call the team of experts at McHales!

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