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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Doylestown, PA: 3 Ways to Improve Efficiency

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Doylestown, PA: 3 Ways to Improve Efficiency

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Have you been noticing lately that your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it should? There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for an expensive AC system, only to turn it on and feel the heat and humidity anyway. Plus, if you’ve got it set to the coolest temperature setting and you’re still not feeling a difference, you’re spending a ton on home energy bills without any sort of real return on investment. Here are three ways you can try to make your system more efficient through a little air conditioning maintenance in Doylestown, PA.

  1. Change or clean your filters regularly: As your air conditioner cools your house, the flow of air also picks up debris that gets caught in its filter. As more and more debris builds up, the amount of air that can flow through is reduced, thus reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your unit. Changing your filter on a regular basis, or buying a permanent filter that can be cleaned, will keep the air flowing without problems — and you’ll stay cool all day long.
  1. Straighten bent coil fins: Check to make sure that all coil fins on the condenser unit are straight and facing the same way. Just like debris in the filter, bent fins can reduce the amount of air allowed to flow through. Consider purchasing a “fin comb” from your local AC wholesaler or hardware store to make your job easier.
  1. Make sure your condenser unit is in the shade: If you place your condenser unit in an area where it is shaded for most or all of the day, it will remain cooler — and in turn, the air flowing through it to your house will be that much more refreshing and lower in temperature. If you don’t know where to put it, consider building your own structure that will shade the unit from sunlight.

When you make an investment in air conditioning for your home, you expect it to work. Give your AC a little help by checking it frequently for anything that might be reducing its efficiency, and always keep up with regular maintenance (like switching the filter). If you need someone to help you with the maintenance, or repairs are required, contact McHales. Their trusted technicians are just a call away — and they can be the difference between suffering in the heat and remaining cool and comfortable.

By McHales

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