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AC Season with McHale’s

AC Season with McHale’s

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AC replacement in Bucks County by McHale's

Have You Had Your Bi-Annual AC Tune Up Yet?

With the winter we just had here in Pennsylvania, AC season can’t come fast enough. Before the temperatures rise and the air conditioners go on, though, our expert cooling technician David Croce wants to remind you about your tune up.

Why worry about it now? Well, Croce said, “Wintertime can be just as hard on the system as summer time. When you don’t use it, none of the components are moving around [so] when it starts up in the spring, you may have mechanical failure.”

The McHale’s Way

When Croce and the McHale’s team comes to your home for a checkup, he said, “We’re going to run the systems at full capacity and make sure they’re ready to operate when it counts.”

Before getting started, though, Croce said he always asks and answers questions for the homeowner. He wants to know if they’ve noticed anything unusual, heard any funny noises or smelt anything out of the ordinary coming from the unit.

Then, during the process he said he asks “comfort questions” to ensure that the homeowner is happy with the way the job is turning out.

The biggest part of their evaluation, he said, is doing a full electrical and refrigerant diagnostic. They want to completely check the system before it gets put through its paces, Croce explained.

Customers are sometimes concerned that HVAC companies will make up problems just to charge them for a repair, but McHale’s is not one of those companies.

“We don’t look for work [and are] not looking to make repairs,” Croce said. “We’re doing an evaluation. Giving our professional advice.”

But, sometimes things come up and when they do, Croce said, “We make any necessary repairs.” And if those repairs don’t call for any parts, he’ll just do it – no charge – as part of the check up.

Besides ensuring your air conditioner works for you all season long, what else will this maintenance visit do for you?

Croce said, “We can usually catch a small problem before it turns into a big problem. That’s pretty important.”

He continued, “Most homeowners are really happy with the bi-annual checkup that we do.”

Most Common AC Questions

Google doesn’t always give accurate answers, Croce said, which is why he’s often answering the question: How efficient is my system and how can I cut energy costs?

While every situation is different – as there are a number of different models customers can choose from – there is a pretty simple answer.

To keep energy costs low, Croce said, you need to keep a properly functioning system. If your system is not working properly, it’s going to work harder to keep the same temperatures.

“More work is correlated with higher energy bills,” he said.

What Not to Do to Your AC This Season

Out of the many pieces of advice Croce could have given, he wanted you – the homeowner – to be aware of these specific things.

The first, is to be careful while you’re landscaping. He said that sometimes people will encase their system in bushes and vines.

“I’ve seen vines literally take over the system,” Croce warned.

The other important tip to note is when customers are weedwacking the plants around the unit in an effort to maintain the system, they will often cut the communication wire.

In fact, Croce said, “That’s a big one – I see that all the time.”

So, be careful this AC season and get your tune up done with Croce and the McHale’s team. Call us today!

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