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6 Reasons to Get a Standby Generator Installation

6 Reasons to Get a Standby Generator Installation

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standby generator installation in Pennsylvania by McHale's

Here on the East Coast, we’re the part of America most susceptible to hurricanes. Up here in Pennsylvania, we don’t get as much trouble from hurricanes. However, we can still get hit harder than in the New England area. Because of this, it might be a good idea to call McHale’s and ask about getting a standby generator installation for your home. Having a generator on your property allows you to keep the power on, even during the harshest of storms.

Here are six reasons to call us for a standby generator installation:


Increased home value

Installing a generator on your lot gives you peace of mind. However, this also applies to anyone else who decides to live at your home. It’s hard to put a price on safety, but having a standby generator on your lot will still improve your property’s value.


Seamless switching

When everything is okay, your standby generator will sit on your property and do nothing. However, when the main power grid goes down, an automatic transfer switch in the generator activates. It cuts you from the main grid, switches your power to the generator, and turns on the generator. This happens in a very short amount of time, so you’ll only lose power for a moment.


Safety during emergencies

Having power at your home means you don’t need to leave for any power-related issues. In hotter or colder months, losing your power means you won’t have cooling or heating. When this happens, you might have to go to a hotel so you can live at a reasonable temperature. As well as being inconvenient, you’ll also have to pay money for your stay. Having power means you and your family can stay safe at home.


Protection from electrical damage

Even when your home has no electricity, but your electronics can still get damaged. While you’re connected to the grid during an outage, there’s the possibility of violent power surges, spikes, and brownouts. All of these can damage your electronics while you’re connected to the grid. If you have a standby generator during an outage, it’ll keep you off the grid and safe from electrical dangers. It’ll only switch you back to the grid when it has power and has stabilized.


Constant electrical power

As you might have guessed, generators let you keep your power during a blackout. Having constant electricity gives you a wide variety of benefits. Among them, you’ll no longer have to worry about your food going bad because the power went out. This can also be very useful if you have medical equipment at your home that needs constant power. 


Protection from other damage

There’s more than electrical damage you have to worry about when the power goes out. When you have no electricity, your sump pump can’t function. That means your home is vulnerable to flooding during a rainstorm. Similarly, losing out on your electric heat during the winter can cause your pipes to freeze. If you have a standby generator, all of these systems will stay functioning.


What makes McHale’s the best option for buying a generator?

McHales, Inc. is a client-focused plumbing and electrical company that strives to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. John Sr. and Anna May McHale started the family business in 1950. Since that time we’ve provided our customers with prompt, dependable service at a reasonable cost. We use quality materials installed by skilled, courteous craftsmen. Now we are into our Third Generation in the business and we are still following John Sr.’s very simple philosophy ” We do what we say we’re going to do!”. That philosophy is still the backbone of the company today. Call McHale’s today to learn more about our standby generator installation services!

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