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5 Causes of Drain Clogs in Levittown, PA

5 Causes of Drain Clogs in Levittown, PA

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drain cleaning tips for the spring time and maintaining your home.

Quit pulling your hair out over a sluggish or backed up drain. We know you’ve had it with the bottles of expensive and caustic drain clearing chemicals, ugly wire coat hangers covered with gunk and hair, and you simply want the stress to go away.

Before you flush any more money…or hair…down the drain, it is important to identify what is causing your misery.

What is Clogging My Drains?

Foreign Objects and Debris

A blocked drain can occur when materials such as hair or soaps, fats or foods buildup and refuse to budge any further. Overtime, this blockage grows bigger and will not only slow your drainage but also prevent it altogether. Blocked up toilets are caused by too much toilet paper, sanitary items, and even small toys being flushed by small hands. A blocked toilet is very unpleasant and might take more than your trusty plunger to push through.

Heavy Rains or Storms

Outside drains may become blocked after storms or heavy downpours and collect leaves, dirt, and other debris that builds up and clogs important drains. Especially true in the spring when the snowmelt creates excess water. This can lead to flooding and property damage.

Broken Pipes

Another cause of drain clogs could be a broken pipe. If a pipe is broken, the water cannot flow freely and it may collapse, causing the drain to clog. The most common causes of broken pipes are poor installation, corrosion due to age, and tree roots. Tree roots are quite invasive and can lead to massive blockages that require Hydro Jetting and a new pipe lining.

Incorrect Pipe Installation

Before you moved into you home, the installation of the sewer pipes may have been done incorrectly and not by a licensed professional plumbing company. Pipes may have been misaligned leading to clogging issues in the future. Incorrect installation is not only dangerous but could also damage other parts of your or your neighbor’s property, causing unnecessary expenses.

Water Flow Issues

Water doesn’t flow uphill and drainage is all about gravity. Incorrect pipe installation could lead to the build-up of particles and debris possibly resulting in clogged drains. It is vital that pipes are installed correctly to ensure adequate water flow. Blockages can build up over time and you may get warning signs that there are obstructions. These include gurgling sounds after you flush, slow draining water from sinks or bath, and awful odors coming from drains.

Once you have established these issues and want the problems taken care of correctly and quickly, contact McHales Plumbing, Heating & Remodeling at once. Whether its immediate, emergency repair or scheduled by an appointment, trust us to provide you the certified professional technicians and all the necessary tools. We are here for you, contact us today!

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