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4 Signs You Need Well Pump Replacement from a Plumber in Newton

4 Signs You Need Well Pump Replacement from a Plumber in Newton

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At McHales, we have a plumber in Newton who is more than ready to replace your well pump with a brand new model. Many Newtown resident are reliant upon a well pump as their main water source, and they must be working at the highest level to supply homeowners with water at all times. However, when issues arise that appear beyond your control and beyond the repair services of a plumber in Newton, then it’s time to consider replacement or else be prepared to live without a working water source.

Thanks to our plumber in Newton, McHales offers lightning quick well pump replacement that won’t leave you without water. Though well pumps can often last anywhere between 12 and 20 years, we only install the latest models so you’re given the water at the highest efficiency. A new well pump can also ensure better water quality and lower costs of water bills. If any of this sounds promising to you, pick up the phone and call us now.

When Should You Call Our Plumber in Newton?

You may be wondering when to call up our plumber in Newton for well pump replacement. Here are 4 of the most common indicators telling you the time is now:

  1. Dirty Water: Your well pump should supply you with clean, crystal clear water for a wide range of purposes including drinking, cooking, washing the dishes, and more. However, if your well pump starts churning out discolored water, it can be health hazard and a possible sign for your well pump to be replaced.
  2. Strange Noises: Loud or unusual noises are a sign of numerous problems with your well pump. While some of these problem can be fixed without trouble, some problems can be much more serious and leave you better off replacing your well pump as soon as possible.
  3. Loss of Water Pressure: Are you noticing a significant decrease in water pressure from the water coming out of your well pump? This is mainly due to the pump’s expansion tank losing pressure due to the air within it becoming compressed. This can cause the well pump to overexert itself in delivering water and keeping the expansion tank full.
  4. Old Age: Yes, your well pump may last you a long time, but any age past 20 years is a red flag that more troubles with your well pump may be on its way. Don’t spend money on constant repair bills, and get it replaced.

Contact McHales today for well pump replacement from a plumber in Newton. Provide water for all members of your household now!

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