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3 Tips for AC Repair in Levittown

3 Tips for AC Repair in Levittown

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AC repair in Levittown is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure this summer’s final weeks are filled with cool, refreshing air for the entire family. Without it, be prepared to sit in your home and suffer from the realities of an intense late summer heatwave. This can increase the risk of experiencing heat stroke and generally create a stuffy, unpleasant atmosphere in your home. An unrepaired AC can also lead you to experience many sleepless nights.

Stop sacrificing good air, and a good night’s sleep, by calling Mc Hales for AC repair in Levittown. Our AC technicians don’t fool around when it comes to repair service by fixing problems quickly as possible at the highest level of efficiency.  Of course, there are also several things you can do to keep your AC working for the remainder of the summer.

AC Repair in Levittown: Top 3 Tips

We may offer quality AC repair in Levittown, but sometimes it all comes down to you.  Here are 3 tips you can use to keep the cool air flowing at all times:

  1. Clean Filters: Unfortunately, when left too long, a dirty filter stops improving the air quality and even causes the appliance to cool less effectively. The solution is quite simple: use the manufacturer’s instructions to clean or replace the filter, depending on the make and model of your AC. Clean filters can mean all the difference in how well your AC performs.
  2. Keep Heat Away: Another issue we run into a lot is that people buy a new AC, but complain that it never stops cooling. This is almost always caused by a proximity to heat-emitting devices such as TVs, stereos or computers. The thermostat will register the room temperature as being warmer than it actually is and continue to cool. Move the electronic devices so they’re at least three feet away from the AC and don’t cause the sensors to overreact.
  3. Check Condenser Tube: A leaking AC can cause quite a bit of water damage, but in reality, the cause of the leak is usually easily repaired. In most cases, a leak is caused by a blocked condenser tube that makes water drip out of the appliance. This can be hazardous if not treated immediately. Simply remove the line, rinse it out to unclog it, and replace it.

Contact McHale now for AC repair in Levittown that will help turn those last few summer days into total paradise.

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