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3 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair in Yardley

3 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair in Yardley

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Is your home’s heating and cooling system operated by a heat pump? Then it’s critical to know when you need heat pump repair in your Yardley home. The great thing about heat pumps is that they’re extremely energy-efficient to run, because they don’t use combustion. That means they can both cool and generate heat without consuming anywhere near the same amount of energy as conventional furnaces or ACs.

You Need Heat Pump Repair When…

However, just like any other appliance, a heat pump needs maintenance and repair. So how do you know if your heat pump needs to be looked at by a professional?

  1. Rising energy bills. Are you’re using your heat pump with the same frequency? And there’s been no large temperature increase or decrease? If your energy bills are higher than usual, it indicates your heat pump is working harder—and that usually means it’s not as energy-efficient as it should be. A lack of energy-efficiency can be caused by a number of things, including loose or broken parts.
  2. Frequent on and off cycling. Ideally, your heat pump cycles on when the thermostat “tells” it the temperature is getting too high or too low. Then it proceeds to generate warm or cool air. If you hear the appliance cycling on and off more often than usual, it’s a sign you need heat pump repair.
  3. Failure to function at all. If your heat pump won’t switch on at all and you’ve checked to see that your home’s electric system isn’t compromised, then you need to call a professional to have the heat pump checked out.

Call McHale’s for Heat Pump Repair in Yardley

For award-winning heating and cooling services, call McHale’s. In 2015, we won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, as well as Best of House and Home Magazine. For the past 66 years, we’ve dedicated our company to providing all of our customers with the very best service and top quality repairs—and that’s still our primary focus today. We’re never satisfied until you’re satisfied. So if you want top rated heat pump repair in Yardley, call us today!

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