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3 Drain Maintenance Tips From A Levittown Plumber

3 Drain Maintenance Tips From A Levittown Plumber

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As a plumbing professional, I’ve seen many emergencies and repairs when it comes to drains. From the simple to the complex, I don’t think there is a clog I haven’t been able to solve.

When I get called out to a drain emergency or a scheduled visit, there are many things I look for when inspecting the troubled drain. Sometimes this requires me to do extensive work to create a clear flow deep beneath your yard. This is usually the case for tree root intrusion. Most of the time, it’s a relatively quick job. Too much hair and grease, a kid’s toy flushed down the toilet, or some misaligned pipes.

In order to save you a trip from me (though I’d gladly be there in a flash to solve your issue) follow these tips. Your drains will thank you!

Drain Tips From The Pros:

  1. Avoid Chemicals and Use Drain Snakes for Small Clogs. It seems so easy. Buy a jug of that goopy drain clearing chemical and pour down the drain. Well, it might take care of your clogs the first couple times, but eventually those chemicals will strip the pipe linings requiring a lot of repairs. Instead, use a wire coat hanger along with piping hot water. The hanger will hook most hair causing the clog. You can get more complex snakes at the hardware store but a coat hanger should take care of most local drain clogs. Just be careful with the metal on the pipe lining.
  2. Clean Out Drain Traps. Even if you aren’t a plumber, it doesn’t matter. You can solve a lot of headaches but emptying your drain trap. That’s that “U” shaped pipe under the sink. Just turn off the water, place a bucket under it, and unscrew the connections. Most of the gunk washed down the drain and perhaps a toothpaste cap or two will find its way here. Over time, these things will cause a pretty big clog and will need to be cleared. Oh, and don’t forget to tightly attach the trap when finished.
  3. Properly Use Garbage Disposal. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Just run anything down there, it’ll handle it. Believe it or not, the garbage disposal is a delicate appliance and abuse will lead to malfunction. Avoid running with hot water, especially with grease. Don’t put eggshells, celery, coffee grounds or anything fibrous which could get caught and clog up. When the disposal clogs, not only do you get backed up water but also the disposal motor could burn out.

If you follow these 3 handy tips, you should have smooth drains day in and day out. But should you come across a pesky drain that just won’t clear, feel free to contact us at McHales Plumbing, Heating & Remodeling day or night. Set up an appointment or ask for immediate emergency repair. Myself or another expert professional from McHales will be there within minutes. That’s a guarantee. Call us today!

By McHales

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